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The Quick Release Vest ATS QRV-07 is the top of the line vest on the tactical vests market. It has the fastest and most effective Quick Release System ever made. It is a system with complete side protection, communication devices and a molle attachment system.

The QR vest is fully adjustable and holds large ballistic plates in the front and back. Side plates can also be accommodated in removable side pouches.

  • IIA, II and IIIA according to NIJ STD.0101.04/06
  • Available according to all other international standards
  • Fragmentation protection according to NATO STANG2920, V50^450-600m/s
  • 2xFront/back armor plate

  • High-level protection

  • Wire quick Release

Fully covered by molle platform, this model is designed for tactical teams who need mobility, comfort and high-level protection. The Molle platform allows the users to set all pockets, holsters and accessories.
It provides possibilities of setting up two ballistic plates in the front and back side with dimensions 250×300 mm, two ballistic plates 150×200 mm on the left and right side and thus increase the level of protection.

  • Overt vest
  • Overt Molle version
  • Adjustable with four Velcro straps
  • Flexible, comfortable and lightweight
  • Removable ballistic panels
  • Pockets for additional hard armor inserts
  • This vest provides front, back and side protection
  • Available according to all other international standards
  • Specific (custom-made) ballistic protection on request
  • Quick release system

  • Comfortable

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  • Installation/Operation Instructions